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Client Testimonials

Dear Vaheeda
we finally arrived safely and fairly impressed from Tanzania, in Vienna again;
besides the marvellous days we spent with Michl & Siggi at La Gemma on Zanzibar, we really enjoyed our Safari arranged by you and Beena.
Given Leopard Tours we really recommend, that you always insist that Mr. Deogratias Haule is leading your clients as his English is more that perfect and his knowledge endless!!! He was the jewel on this tour besides our luck to see the big five plus cheetah several times.
We are grateful to further recommend you and your colleagues as well as do a further tour with you in the upcoming years!
Best regards,

Stefan & Sigrid

Hello Darshna,

Further to your email with regards to Travel Business. I wish to let you know that our sites have stopped exploration for now due to global financial crisis; however we are waiting for economic crisis to get better so that we can start the exploration again and our Project Geologists will than travel again like they did before.

We have had no complain with the services from AlfaZulu Travel and Tours, moreover, it has been a pleasure working with your team and we look forward to doing business with you again shortly.

Best Regards
Farin Hasham
Office Manager
Protocol Mining & Exploration Services Ltd

Dear Mrs Vaheeda (hope I got it right this time !!),

Indeed we were sorry not to be able to seeing you on our day of departure, but fortunately Beena certainly made up for it. Everything went smoothly during the safari and on Zanzibar. Some really
minor problems were adequately solved by the guide/driver/management at that time.
The whole trip was wonderfull and will be remembered by us in our memory (as it was a lifetime wish of my father) and by a few thousand pictures we took.
It was a pity that - in spite of all efforts made by Beena - we were not able to re-visit the shop were my brother wanted to by a statue he'd seen at the beginning of our trip in DAR, but, hey, we should have been more clever and had it stocked till we departed !
Entirely our own mistake.
I'll send you some JPEG's/movies when they are sorted out. I'll try to include more detailed findings of the places we visited. Please feel free to use us/our trip as a reference for future people who are interested in visiting Tanzania.
If, on the other side we can be helpfull in any other way, please let us know.

We hope hearing from you in the future (I 'll sent the pictures as soon as pssible)

Many, greetings from us three : Hendrik, Willy, Ann

Dear Vaheeda

Sorry that I didn't write to you earlier as I promised.
Since we are also leaving our posting in the near future life has been terribly hectic since we came back from our dream holiday!
The whole Africa experience was a dream! The organisation was perfect, the lodges and tent camps much to our liking and the guide was probably the best in the whole of Africa!
We enjoyed Naimann's company alot ; his knowledge of the wildlife was incredible, always in a good mood, very pleasant, extremely helpful !
The Arusha coffee lodge was outstanding, the food to die for!
Tloma lodge (I hope I spelled it right!) was also excellent and a very good atmosphere.
The children enjoyed the mobile tent camp the most. The people there were extremely friendly and it was an extraordinary experience.
The last lodge, a permanent tent camp of which I forgot the name, had an astonishing location, the tents were very good, the service was perhaps a little less.  Nonetheless we enjoyed every single one of them.  They were all quite quiet and not too crowded. We were happy we didn't stay at the lodge where we had lunch on Friday, that seemed a little too crowded and too "commercial".
When we wanted to leave Kilimanjaro Int airport the flight was overbooked and only four of us could be seated! In the end they could give all five of us a seat! I don't know how they managed but they did!
Thank you very much for a perfect organised safari, much different from my husband experience thirty years ago! I won't hesitate to recommend your travel agency when I'm showing off about this wonderful trip to Tanzania!
And it is on our teenagers wish list to do this again!
Kind regards,

Dear Vaheeda,

It was great to meet you at the Dar-Es-Salaam airport, it was like meeting an old friend ;-)...

Ilse did express very well the safari experience.
We had a great time with Niamann as a most enthusiastic guide with a great humor.

As the one and only guest at Sunset Beach ...I felt like a queen.... with "my staff" ....manager, pool boys, waiters, receptionists, cooks, gardeners, cleaning ladies,Massai security .... .
I met Andrew Smith who offered me a transfer to the Bluebay.... I told him that I was perfectly happy at the Sunset .... he was a little surprised...

Some rebuilding was still going on. A little noisy at the start. But I did enjoy the view, the gardens, "my" perfect swimming pool and the beach walks.

Since 1 week I'm home Belgium were it"s cold, windy and rainy....and a little lost .... 

It was like a dream.... thank you for your the outstanding organization. It was perfect. I'm looking forward for a new travel experience.... maybe India....

Kind regards,


Hello Vaheeda and Beena,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say a very sincere thank you for the wonderful northern circuit safari trip you arranged.  Nimon (I'm probably spelling that wrong)  was the most amazing guide.  He was so friendly, kind, his English was awesome, but most of all, his knowledge base was really incredible.  We cannot say enough good things about him.  We truly do thank you for going the extra mile for us and making sure that we had him.  Everything was well planned and worked out perfectly.  Ngorongoro Farmhouse was absolutely awesome.  The best food on the trip for sure!  The Serena was lovely as before and Sopa was very nice.  Lovely big rooms and we really enjoyed their house choir.     I am sure there will be more trips in the future and we will certainly plan to work together with you again with making our bookings.  Thank you so much for making this very special family trip perfect in every way.  Our guests from Canada were blown away by their experience. 

I just wanted to extend my appreciation and thanks for the excellent trip. 


Heidi Bunkowsky

Hello Vaheeda, hello Beena,

Two weeks ago we arrived home from our wonderful adventure in Tanzania. Yesterday I completed my report on the 'work' portion of our time in Dodoma and Lugala.

It reminded me that I wanted to particularly thank you both for the terrific service you provided for us all; the choice of hotels was perfect; The Dowd Hotel in Stone Town was the perfect setting for our strolls through the quaint city. Sunset Bay Resort will always remain with me as a lovely vacation spot with such friendly service, good food, and the sunshine on white, white beaches.

After bargaining with cab drivers for each fare in Dodoma, it was a real treat to have a driver wait for us in Dar and in Znz.. I think I speak for all of us, when I say that our time in Zanzibar was a real vacation, a wonderful time-out.

Thank you both for making it possible!


Hi Vaheeda

Just got back from the US on business.

Had a great time in Tanzania - we really enjoyed the camp.  It was quiet but it was just right for us.  The park was amazing the guides very good.  Bit of drive into it but that was at times interesting.  Would recommend it to our friends.


Hi Beena, Our trip was very successful, emotional and exhilarating. Your choice of tour company was excellent and the professionalism of their guides was a significant factor in our success. Despite the long bus journey to the start of our trek, the Rongai route was excellent, and although the park authority is making a big effort to improved access to this route it currently remains very peaceful and in total contrast to the Marangu route via which we descended.

Key to our success were a number of factors;

  1. A 6 day trek allowed us time to get from camp to camp during the morning and on 3 afternoons  to climb a further 1000 feet or so as an aid to acclimatisation
  2. The professionalism of the guides in setting a pace which gave us the best chance of avoiding AMS and achieving our goal.
  3. Determination, Kilimanjaro is as much about mental strength as it is about physical fitness.

I will send a few pictures which you can use as you wish. ( I will send one at a time as your Internet if very slow )

Thank you also for handling our booking, selecting a good partner and providing us with a hassle free trip.  Well done, and thank you

David Steddy