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Zanzibar Serena Inn

Photographs of Zanzibar Serena InnThe Zanzibar Serena Inn is idyllically situated on the sea front of ancient Stone Town, faithfully restored and lavishly embellished with a jackdaw collection of antique clocks, crystal chandeliers, fretwork screens, carved staircases, Persian rugs and brass-studded doors, the interior design concept is a fusion of authenticity and opulence that reflects the very essence of Zanzibar.
Set in two historic sea front buildings, the Zanzibar Serena Inn is elegance itself as well as romantic. The hotel offers the best in island hospitality. All bedrooms overlook the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Interiors echo Zanzibar's rich Arabian heritage.
For a thousand years, Zanzibar was one of the worlds cross roads of trade, with Persians, Arabs and Europeans attracted to its exotic exports. Stone Town's architecture is testimony to that cultural heritage.
Things to enjoy - Outdoor swimming pool, water sports, seafood grill. Nearby: Fishing, boating, excursion to the Serena owned Mangapwani Beach. Transport is free to the private Mangapwani Beach with its exclusive beach and water activities. (Back to Top)